NEET Prep Guide 2022 Hindi

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SN Garg, Sushma Verma,Neeraj Chauchan & Monika Singh
7th edition (25 November 2021)


Arihant Publications

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1. NEET Prep Guide is an ultimate guide for the preparation of the medical entrances2. The book is divided into Three Sections; Physics, Chemistry and Biology3. Each chapter carries 3 level exercises; Preliminary, Advanced and Previous question4. For the complete assessment and understanding, 8 Unit Tests are given in every section5. 5 full length Mock Tests, Solved papers of CBSE AIPMT & NTA NEET for practice6. More than 10,000 objective questions are also given following Learning Management System (LMS)7. Every question given in this guide is provided with detailed answers.8. Free Revision booklet is also attached for the quick revision of theorem, formulae and conceptsKeeping in mind, all the needs and problems of NEET Aspirants, here’s presenting the newly updated edition of “NEET Prep Guide” serving as an apt study material for the preparation for all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each chapter is well supported with complete text material along with Practice Questions arranged in two difficulty levels, giving step by step practice. For cumulative and regular practice, 8 Unit Tests are given in each section and 5 full length practice sets are given at the end of the book. More than 10,000 objective questions are also provided following Learning Management System (LMS), in terms of practicing the question gives Complete Practice & Assessment at each step in a scientific manner. Free Revision booklet is also attached for the quick revision of theorems, formulae and concepts before writing exam. This preparatory guide prepares aspirants to stand out in every screening parameters of the exam.

Physics - Physics and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Properties of Solids, Mechanical Properties of Fluids, Thermal Properties of Matter, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Simple Harmonic Motion, Wave Motion, Electrostatics, Capacitance, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Current, Magnetism, EM Induction and AC, electromagnetic Waves, Ray Optics, Wave Optics, Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation, Atoms, Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity, Electronic Devices, Communication Systems Chemistry- Matter and Laws of Chemical Combinations, Chemical Equations and Stoichiometry, States of Matter: Gaseous and Liquid States, States of Matter: Solid State, Atomic Structure, Radioactivity and Nuclear chemistry, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Chemical Thermodynamics, Solutions, Chemical Equilibrium, Ionic Equilibrium, Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Adsorption, Colloidal State, Periodic Classification and Periodic Properties, Principles and Process of Metallurgy, Hydrogen, s- ,p-, d- & f-Block Elements, Coordination Compounds, Environmental Chemistry, Purification of Organic Compounds, Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Organic Compounds Containing Halogens, Alcohols, Phenols and Ether, Aldehyde, Ketones and Carboxylic Acid, Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen, Polymers, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Everyday Life. Biology- The Living World, Biological Classification, Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Morphology of Flowering Plants, Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Structural Organization in Animals, Cell, Biomolecules, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Transport in Plants, Mineral Nutrition, Photosynthesis in Higher Plants, Cellular Respiration, Plant Growth and Development, Digestion and Absorpttion, Breathing and Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids and Circulation, Excretion in Animals, Locomotion and Movement, Neural Control and Coordination, Endocrine System, Reproduction in Organisms, Social Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health, Heredity and Variation, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Evolution, Human Health and Diseases, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, Microbes in Human Welfare, Biotechnology, Biotechnology and Its Application, Organisms and Population, Ecosystem, Biodiversity and Its Conservation, Environmental Issues.

There have been no reviews for this product yet.